The @rcadeCon 2011 Committee

picture of kayleigh Director Kayleigh Rhiannon Tester

Welcome to @rcadeCon, the place I’ve been hanging out now for what seems like ages! I’m Kayleigh and I’m the director but everyone calls me Boss Hog! I’m Otaku about Manga and usually have to mount a climbing expedition just to get into my bedroom because of my mountains of books. I also play Xbox and I am often out danced by Declan in Dance Central when we are meant to be working but only because I can’t shake my booty like he does!
picture of declan Founder & Spokesperson Declan Doody

I’m a full blown gamer and have been ever since I first started playing games at the age of four. I’m the Editor for the @rcade magazine which pretty much qualifies me as a hardcore geek. I read too much Manga and Bara, I play too many video games and I have a love for Dance Central that borders on the line of creepy, I’m also a level 85 Draenai Mage so you know I got skills and I can dance! I am the assistant to our wonderful director Kayleigh but since she gets easily distracted by shiny things she makes me do most of the work!
picture of ally Advertising and Sponsorship Manager Ally Scott

Hiya, I’m Ally and I am in charge of filling our trade hall! I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and have been known to mix up my cosplays – Kairi as a Bleach Shinigami anyone? I love animals and I’m currently studying veterinary nursing! My life’s ambition is to own a penguin emporium full of penguins! To highlight my fanaticism from all things KH, I am dating a Sora cosplayer! Oh and PENGUINS!
picture of rebekah Treasurer and Webmaster Rebekah Burke

Contrary to popular belief I am nothing like the character Declan draws me as! My hair isn’t even purple and pending the outcome of a lawsuit against him I could be a lot richer! I am the treasurer and master fiend behind this deadly little website, I am also the co-founder of the @rcade. I’m a first person shooter maniac, I also play World of Warcraft and I kick ass on the ice as a goalie in ice hockey. Oh and I’m about ten times worse than the comic character!
picture of bryan Events Coordinator Bryan McNamara

I'm 23 and from Limerck but I currently live on the U.S.S Enterprise-E and I’m very busy playing World of Warcraft. I'm big in to all games but I love Sci-Fi and fantasy MMORPGs! I've been known to do some roleplaying with the old fashioned pen, paper and dice though! @rcadeCon is coming up real soon and I'm your cheeky and cheerful Events Coordinator. My job is to make sure that each and everyone one of you have a blast!
picture of eoin and emma Photographers Eoin Connolloy & Emma Lawlor

We’re Eoin and Emma and we will be the happy snappers over the course of the weekend. We’re classier than Paparazzi and cooler than … something really cool. Eoin will be working in the cosplay photo booth and I’ll be busy shooting you all … with my camera at all the different events! Don’t forget to smile!
picture of alex and dan Assistants, Alex Ferguson and Daniel Aherne

We are Alex and Daniel and we’ve been dragged into this against our will! Please someone! Anyone! Call the police! No? Ok then! On the committee we fulfil lots of different roles, from advertising to organising, calling to tea making and kicking ass on Soul Calibur! Alex is into cosplay, roleplaying and despises button bashers! Daniel loves LAN based gaming and is also known for his skills at Street Fighter and Halo.
picture of paul Graphic Designer, Paul McMahon

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