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Cosplay - Best Made

Do you like to make your own costumes? Are you a whizz with a sewing machine? A master of duct tape and cardboard? Then why not utilise these skills in our cosplay carnival to win the title of best made* costume.

*All costumes in this category have to have been handmade by the cosplayer to be eligible to win. Store items that you bought and altered are permitted, but it is required that at least 75% of your costume has been made by you. This doesn’t include wigs.

Cosplay - Best Character

Not all of us have the skills to create our own costumes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look any less impressive as our respective characters. The winner of this category will be the cosplayer who pulls off the look of their character best, who is indistinguishable from the character they are representing on stage.

Cosplay - Best Hero & Villain

Do you have the courage to stand up against the forces of darkness? Are you inspired by some of anime and gamings greatest heroes? At @rcadeCon you will have the chance to be granted the title of greatest hero – or at least the best looking one.

And of course, one cannot be a hero without having a villain to contend with. If you don’t fancy yourself a hero, how well do you think you pull off cosplaying your favourite villain? Do you ooze maliciousness? Do others tremble in fear of your evil aura? If so then at @rcadeCon you could scheme your way to the title of ‘Best Villain’.

Mascot Competition

We hold the R-KD units very close to our heart and a lot of love of and care went into their creation. We would like to see your interpretation of our mascots, so whether you want to draw all four, give a new look to one of them or even draw a fifth forgotten unit, we want to see your work.

All entries must be submitted through our deviantart page by June 17th 2011.

Art Competition

The theme of the art competition of @rcadeCon 2011 will be as follows: What is love?

The piece should represent the artist’s interpretation of the question or answer. Be as creative as you like. There will be prizes for the winners of both the under 18 and over 18’s categories. All entries must be submitted through our deviantart page by June 17th 2011.


Have you ever been moved by something you’ve watched? Is there a perfect song to fit your favourite scenes in a video-game or anime? We’re looking for the best video editors for @rcadeCon for our AMV competition. There will be three categories for you to choose from: Best Drama, Best Comedy and Best Editing. All entries must be submitted to our Youtube Channel by June 17th 2011.

To send us your videos you can either:

Upload your video to the internet and email the link/video URL to
Upload your AMV to Youtube and send it to our Youtube Channel.

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