Gaming Events Programme

Console & LAN Rooms

There is nothing better than a few hours spent in front of a TV and playing your favourite game... or at least there was nothing better! How about an entire room covered in every console imaginable, from Xbox 360 to the PS3, Wii to N64, there is something for everyone in our console room. We even have a special throwback to retro gaming with a very special retro corner provided by our awesome sponsors 'The Rage'!

Fancy ganging up with some mates and taking on rival teams? We've got you covered with our LAN room, from the latest first-person shooter to everything need to challenge strangers to your favourite strategy games.

War Gaming Room

Kindly provided by Dublin's one stop shop for all things gamer, GamersWorld Dublin, we have organised plenty of War Gaming activities - so much so in fact we've had to give them an entire room! So whether you fancy raising your army against the forces of another opponent or you want some tips on improving your gameplay or design, be sure to stop by here! Tournaments will also be held over the course of the weekend so be sure to check your Con Timetable.

Card Games

Fancy taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the convention? Want to put your feet up and sip some tea? Then avoid the Card Game room as some serious competition will be taking place over the weekend. From Pokémon to Magic the Gathering, if you are looking for a duel then be sure to show your hand here!

Board Games

Are you exhausted after a day of shopping and rushing between events? Why not take some time out in the maid café with one of our many board games. You and your friends can sit down, relax and have some fun with some classic games such as Monopoly, Connect 4, Guess Who, Jenga, Buckaroo and much, much more.

Talk – Video Games: A History, the Past, Present and Future

The video games industry can be one of the toughest to break into. In our talk, conducted by Hayden Scott-Baron, we will look at how video games have changed over the years, some of the best moments in video game history and just how much of an impact they can have on our lives. We'll even look at why Retro Gaming is making a comeback today!

Spaces will be limited so please show up early if you would like a place.

The Seven Willows – A Murder Mystery

There is some dastardly and dark deeds afoot at the convention. Ten of our attendees have been forced to attend a very special dinner, one that none of them will be sure to ever forget. Over the course of the night, each one of them will come face to face with a terrifying killer and together they must solve the mystery of The Seven Willows Hotel if they have any hope of surviving.

Audience members will be asked to participate and can decide who they would like to win: the innocent dinner guests or the killer!

Our dinner guests will be picked randomly from those who attend so if you would like your chance to take part be sure to arrive early!

Battle Royale

@rcadeCon 2011, 50 willing volunteers will sign up to play the deadliest game ever created, Battle Royale!

As a player in this twisted game you will play the role of hunter and prey, hiding from the one who is chasing you and all the while searching for the one you must target yourself. Only one person can survive, only one person will win... have you got what it takes?

To sign up for this game click here.

Scavenger Hunt

Fancy finding some ancient lost treasure sunk to the bottom of the sea? Well then you best become a pirate because our Scavenger Hunt takes place on land...

If you have a love for cryptic puzzles, solving riddles and finding the right answer, then our Scavenger Hunt is perfect for you! In a race against time and teams of other players you and your friends will have to solve each new puzzle and get the next clue if you want to win the ultimate prize!

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