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Battle of the Rock Bands

It's time to get your ROCK on! Get your band together! Practice! Show the Convention that no one can rock harder than your group! Battle of the Rock Bands is exactly what it says - we are looking for some of the best Rock Band players to come out and show their stuff at the convention! So if you've perfected Garbage, if Nirvana has nothing on you and if you could sell more tickets than a Foo Fighters gig... prove it!

Dance Wars

Show us your moves! We pit dancer against dancer in our all out no holds barred dance battle to END all others! So if you move like Jacko, if you can shake it like Beyoncé and if you've can top it all off with some killer Jazz Hands then this is one tournament you can't miss out on!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

@rcadeCon has been taken over by Sweet Transvestites from Transsexual Transylvania... and we kind of like it! Riff Raff, Magenta, Brad and Janet are all coming to @rcadeCon and it couldn't be a show without the stunning Dr. Frankenfurter. Grab your fishnets and slap on that makeup as for one night only we bring life to one of the greatest movies ever made!

Masquerade Ball

You don't need frilly frocks or a fancy suit to be part of the Masquerade. Grab a mask, hide your face and prepare for a night of magic and mystery. A hundred painted faces will smile back in our lavishly decorated ballroom, with special entertainment, a live house band and one of Dublin's top DJ's this promises to be one of the best nights of the entire convention.

Masks will be available to buy at the convention so don't worry if you can't find the perfect one as there will be lots to choose from at our stall in the Trader's Hall.

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